October 2021 Newsletter

Slate blue header featuring the BumbleBess logo
Literary-inspired and hand-lettered designs by Elza Kinde.
Slate blue header featuring the BumbleBess logo

Recent Events

Many thanks to y’all for your support and patience while things have been quiet over here! For Life™ reasons BumbleBess.com has been on something of a hiatus. Now that everything’s leveling out, I’m prepared to get things running in a more business-like manner.

My office upgrades this year have included some necessary software subscriptions (such as a bigger Dropbox and ad-free Spotify), a kneeling office chair, and the artist tablet of my dreams! If you want to support my small business with a financial donation, you can do so via Ko-fi, or directly from my Linktree profile.

Coming Soon

As part of my relaunch, brand new fairy tale inspired designs are coming into my online storefronts next week. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 29!

Featured Design

True love! Make a grand gesture with the Princess Bride inspired design, currently available on t-shirts, totes, and greeting cards.

T-shirt mockup features the "As You Wish" design from BumbleBess.com

As You Wish T-shirt


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