February 2021 Newsletter

Lilac header featuring the BumbleBess logo
Literary-inspired and hand-lettered designs by Elza Kinde.

Recent Events

I’ve been kept busy with volunteer work for an online writing conference. As you may have guessed from my literary-inspired products, books are very important to me. One of my many dream jobs is to become a published children’s book author, so being part of an event that helps fellow dreamers and wordsmiths reach their goals feels like work worth doing.

A new stretch goal has been added to my Ko-fi profile! Digital illustration is a growing passion of mine, but the tools I currently have are no longer holding up. My goal is to start incorporating more original artwork on products for BumbleBess.com (like my holiday card set) and expand my freelance work to include illustrative projects. If you want to help me make that happen, visit Ko-fi and make a safe, one-time donation! Even a small contribution makes a huge difference.

Coming Soon

Brand new product designs are in the works! If you’re interested in getting a sneak peek, follow me on Ko-fi. Hint: these will be hand-lettered and are specifically designed for mugs.

A sale is currently running at my TeePublic shop! Find humorous gifts for your special someone, literary designs you’ll want to keep for yourself, and hand-lettered designs that are sure to break the ice at your next writing conference.

Featured Design

Share the gift of existential crisis on your next shopping trip with quotable totes, masks, and more!

Life is Like a Metaphor Tote


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