October 2020 Newsletter

Yellow header featuring the BumbleBess logo
Literary-inspired and hand-lettered designs by Elza Kinde.

Recent Events

Since this is the first official newsletter, I feel compelled to introduce myself. Hello! I’m Elza, the designer/artist behind BumbleBess.com. This small business venture is already into its second year, which is mind-blowing to me. I kid you not, making t-shirts was one of my childhood dreams.

This week I finished making improvements on the website. If you like fancy features, I highly recommend checking out the new product page for the Kindred Spirit design. It has become my newest toy.

I am now on Ko-fi! If you want to help me cover small business fees, support my blogging & art, or feel like tipping your friendly neighborhood graphic designer, Ko-fi is a safe and easy way to make a one-time donation. Check out my page!

Coming Soon

I will be participating in the online artist alley #virtuAAL2020 during October 16-18. This event is designed for small businesses and indie artists to sell wares and promote their work. There will be loads of sales, limited edition items, and unique products to peruse, so be sure to mark your calendar and check in.

Featured Design

Fall is a bookworm’s favorite season! Snuggle up with that brand new release and be prepared to lose some sleep.

Read Voraciously Tote Bag


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