Behind the Buzz

elzawebsite-about.pngBumble Bess is the graphic design work of freelance designer, Elza Kinde. Elza enjoys working with individuals and small companies. She offers a wide variety of services to her clients, including graphic design, visual branding, professional copy editing, and consultation to ensure that your graphics are the best they can be.

Job Description

Graphic design is all about organizing information artfully so that your products are easy to read, pleasing to the eye, and make an impact. Elza’s organic approach ensures that each project is unique and individual.

Service (That Leaves You) With A Smile

Bumble Bess is designed to help small businesses, churches, and individuals have quality and professional graphics with personality. Elza’s expertise in visual branding and copy editing mean that you get a product that is functional, easy to read, and makes a statement. She believes in empowering her clients by providing design know-how and helpful customer service every step of the way.

Friendly Rates

Bumble Bess offers friendly rates for professional services because freelance ain’t free; that doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Investing in quality graphics is the best way to give your business a boost. By providing you with package deal options and lowered rates for long-term customers, Bumble Bess ensures that you get the best possible deal.

freelance ain’t free; that doesn’t mean
it has to look cheap.

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*Please note that Bumble Bess does not provide print services. Please see the FAQ for more information.